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A vibrant hub where creativity blooms and connections thrive 

Open Hours:
Thursday - Sunday 1 - 7 PM


What is Mycelium Gallery?

Located in the heart of Oklahoma City, Mycelium Gallery is more than just a physical space—it’s a living, breathing ecosystem where art, innovation, and human connection intertwine.

Our Vision
At Mycelium Gallery, we believe that art is a powerful force—one that transcends boundaries, sparks curiosity, and nourishes the soul. Our mission is to foster a dynamic community of artists, creators, and art enthusiasts who come together to celebrate diversity, explore new frontiers, and inspire one another.

The Mycelium Metaphor
The name “Mycelium” draws inspiration from the intricate underground network of fungal threads that weave through forests, connecting trees, plants, and organisms. Just like these hidden mycelial networks, our gallery serves as a conduit—a neural pathway—linking artists, ideas, and experiences.

What Sets Us Apart
Immersive Experiences: 

Mycelium Gallery is not your typical white-walled exhibition space. We curate immersive experiences that engage all the senses. Imagine stepping into a world where music harmonizes with visual art, where lights dance in rhythm, and where installations invite you to explore beyond the surface.
Local Artistry:

Our spotlight shines on local talent. From emerging artists to seasoned creators, we provide a platform for Oklahoma’s finest to showcase their unique visions. Whether it’s a canvas, a sculpture, or a digital creation, every piece tells a story.
Collaboration and Connection:

Mycelium Gallery thrives on collaboration. Our collective of over 30 individuals—painters, sculptors, musicians, poets, and more—come together to cross-pollinate ideas. We host workshops, jam sessions, and dialogues that ignite creativity and forge lasting bonds.
Safe Haven:

Within our walls, you’ll find a safe and casual-sober environment. It’s a space where vulnerability is celebrated, where artists can share their journeys, and where self-expression blooms freely. No judgment, just encouragement.

Our Living Canvas
Mycelium Gallery is not static; it’s a living canvas that evolves with each brushstroke, each note played, and each conversation shared. As artists, we’re not just creating art—we’re weaving connections, nurturing growth, and planting seeds of inspiration.


Join The Mycelium Network
Whether you’re an artist seeking inspiration, an art lover hungry for new perspectives, or simply a curious soul, Mycelium Gallery welcomes you. Step inside, breathe in the creative energy, and become part of our ever-expanding neural network—one that inspires, connects, and celebrates the beauty of human expression.

Alana Anderson - @avaveeart
Arman Sikder - @exmaxhina
Paisley Straenj - @PaisleyStraenj
John Loghry - @loghryjohn
Cierra Phillips - @kitty_8_sushi
Elise Langer - @melancholymajik
Dany Patton - @fatgodbod
Heather McKeever - @_freckledmermaid_
Courtney Boze - @oozimelts
Tara McLean-Dickens - @dreaming.with.paint


Barclay Howarth - @clay_bar
Kristina Haden - @_stinahart_13

Katie Graham - @crystalgazerscollective
David Steele - @davidsteelebass
Jason Walkup - @blackwing_design
Tiffany Walkup - @desertmoon2060
Jared Chastain - @jlcoriginals
Torin Salter - @youroversoul

Derek O'Daniell - @_polymathory

Amanda Solter - @impermanent.state
Allyson Stumpf - @allyanim6314
CJ Woodland - @ceejthefool

Gwynivere Langer-@gwyniverevee
Sara Day - @eristic_arts
Alaina Lucien - @anllucienart

Ophelia Morte -  @dreamingjaguarcreations
Logan Walter - @loganthepainter 

Casper Oden - @ghosty_art_co
Kylie McCracken-Howard - @brush_with_depth

Daniel Acuna - @danyoson21
Abby Story -@ameliesanomaliesart


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Mycelium Gallery

2816 N Penn Ave, Oklahoma City, OK

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