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Kristina Haden transports her viewers to an ethereal place with her dreamy art escapes. Her use of colors and textures pop through the different mediums she utilizes in her creations. Her mediums range from collage, wood carving, clay, resin, dried flowers, acrylic, jewelry, and much, much more. She presents bright colors with an uplifting message of positivity throughout her works .

Come View Kristina Haden's works at 

Mycelium Gallery from September 23rd, to October 14th, 2023. 

There is a Silent Auction for her piece "Duality of Life" that will close on October 14th.  Come to Mycelium Gallery to place your bid. 

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Kristina Haden's Artist Statement:

I am 32 years old, and I have been a self- representing artist since age three. I currently work from my home studio in Oklahoma City. My interest in sharing and exhibiting art stems back to when I was hand painting shoes, bags and shirts in high school. I can remember as far back as first grade, thinking I wanted to one day have a career as an artist or fashion designer. The idea of making personal works to be worn, even if it’s just to be shared with a couple of close friends, has been engraved in most things I’ve made since. Being able to produce multiples is where the process of printmaking came into the forefront of my work and ultimately was my main emphasis in college. My older works metaphorically compared my struggles as a young woman challenged by issues of acceptance, appearance, and personal well-being to that of an insect’s physical traits and cultural significance. As of 2020, I equate women and insects less interchangeably, but themes of the mysterious and unusual are still featured. Both share a diversity in their forms that I explore through my variety of media. Through my work, I explore themes of what different emotions, and coping mechanisms look like to me. 


Paisley Straenj delivered a whimsical and creative show, featuring 19 different mediums. 
Since he first started creating origami with paper at the age of 5, he now has created art with more than 80 mediums. 
His art has a balance of light and dark, and has people captivated by all the detail and intention Paisley Straenj displays in his art pieces. 

Come View Paisley Straenj's Oddly Undisturbing Art at Mycelium Gallery.
Closing Reception will be
September 16th, 2023. 

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Justin Renner captivated his audience with his raw expressionism and self portraits. 
He works with recycled, donated, and found materials. He enjoys working with a variety of mediums to create an art piece of expression. Watch his interview to hear him discuss his thoughts on art. 

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Nina Lucien created a show that had her audience in awe of her skillful and playful paintings. Her approach to creating a color gradient gives a visual effect that creates a gradual blend of two or more colors throughout her collection. 

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