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Mycelium Gallery presents dark lofi glitch producer, exmaxhina.
Dark lofi dreams. Fragments of a memory. Producer from Oklahoma City with influences from artists like Bonobo, Emancipator, and trxxshed. From eerie soundscapes to vibing melodies, exmaxhina becomes a prime flavor in a new space. Pioneering a unique sub-culture of low-fidelity music, exmaxhina creates “dark lofi glitch”, a fresh take on an already beautiful genre.
Founding "Distant Ether", an Oklahoma City-based dark lofi glitch record label in 2021, the floodgates have opened for a new wave of sound.
The mycelium sessions, a series hosted by exmaxhina, an audio experience,  which brings a unique twist on ambient and textural sounds with the merging of dark lofi glitch and visual art. Become the vibe.

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Texture Tapes

Journey into the depths of its abyss where enigmatic realms of the mind intertwine with cosmic vibrations. Ethereal textures weave ephemeral tapestries, whispering secrets that beckon the soul to heed their call. In the collision of atmospheres, emotions cascade like ancient echoes, guiding you through the exmaxhina's labyrinth of undiscovered realms, as the archive of texture tapes unveils mysteries yet unknown.


Distant Ether Records

Distant Ether is a record label curated to push the boundaries of lo-fi and experimental beats to new heights with a direction to create a fusion of dark lo-fi and glitch elements called  “dark lofi glitch”. Now available to view physical archives and purchase cassettes, merch, and much more at the physical Distant Ether shop located in the Mycelium Gallery of OKC. Distant Ether was started in 2021 by exmaxhina, based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.

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